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Key Skills

The Key Skills Project delivers activities leading to the accreditation of the wider Key Skills in context for young people and the work force. The Key Skills covered are Problem Solving, Improving Own Learning and Performance.

The project is of value to:

    Young people in fulltime education 14-19

    Young people in further and higher education 16-24

    Young people in training between ages of 16-24

    Young people in work between the ages of 16-24

The accreditation is available at five levels. At present we are running projects at:

    Level 1: Year 9 - 10 hours work delivered through the Science investigations or Technology projects within the curriculum.

    Level 2: Year 10/11 - 40 hours of work delivered alongside the GCSE Technology curriculum.

    Level 3: Year 12/13 - 100 hours of project work delivered alongside the AS/A level Science or Technology curriculum. Students may also achieve level 3 through taking part in the Insight Experience Programme.

Key Skills awards are moderated and accredited by WJEC.

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